Church Affiliation

Community Christian Academy is a ministry of Community Bible Church.

Every school is undergirded and motivated by a philosophy. Ours may be summarizes as follows:

There is final, absolute truth, which as a unity centers in a Creator God.
This truth is revealed in the Bible and is personified in Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God.
Education is a Christ-centered, Biblically integrated process of developing spiritually, mentally, and physically.
The ultimate aim of life is not adjustment to the age, but conformity to Christ.
This objective is achieved by a disciplined life of sacrificial service, patterned after Him who pleased not Himself.
We stand openly and without apology for the historic faith of the Bible, including such factors as the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures, the Deity and Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, the Blood Atonement, the Second Coming of Christ, and the Deity and Personality of the Holy Spirit.

We hold to the Wesleyan-Arminian position of an unlimited atonement, the witness of the Spirit, and the entire sanctification of the believer as a second work of grace.